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Update your Personal Information

​Submit an Information Update form to inform ATRF of changes to your name, address, phone number, email address or spouse/pension partner status.

Submit a Designating a Beneficiary​ form to change your beneficiary designation. A beneficiary, or beneficiaries, would be entitled to a benefit in the event of your death before your pension starts. NOTE: The individual(s) you designate must be someone other than your spouse/pension partner because your spouse/pension partner already has priority for payment of any pre-retirement death benefits. The beneficiary(ies) you name would receive the death benefits in the event that your spouse/pension partner dies before you do, at the same time as you, or waives his/her right to death benefits.

Both forms can be downloaded from this website, or obtained from your employer or ATRF.

It is important to update your personal information so ATRF can mail your Plan Member Statement and Pension Points Newsletter directly to you.​

​Please remember to also notify your employer when you change your address. If your employer continues to report data using your old address, it will override the new address in the ATRF system.​

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