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Project Lantern: Illuminating the way to superior member service

iStock-1029194452.jpgIn 2018, ATRF embarked on a multi-year initiative to ensure we continuously meet our clients' expectations. We affectionately call this Project Lantern. It's about assessing and modernizing how we deliver services to our members and employers for years to come.

Project Lantern is about understanding how our clients access services, interact and transact with us, now and in the future. It's also about connecting with our clients using various channels, to continue creating value and meeting their needs, by being even more proactive and personalized. We want to continue to provide high-value, timely and relevant information to each of our clients.

In March, most of ATRF and for that matter Canada as a country, transitioned to a remote work environment due to COVID-19. This event highlighted the need for most organizations to have a robust digital strategy that allows people to go online for products and services. While we were already contemplating an enhanced service delivery model that leveraged online services, we are using the learnings from this event to inform our work.

Teachers (and students) have adapted quickly to deliver their classes remotely using new technology and we are too. We are exploring creative ways to deliver our services, such as looking at videoconferences and webinars for our personal interviews and seminars normally delivered in-person.  We want to continue our education and outreach programs for our teachers in a personalized and convenient way. The current situation created by the pandemic is expediting some of the ideas identified in the discovery phase of Project Lantern. 

We are currently engaged in a detailed business process re-engineering exercise, which when complete, will form the foundation of how ATRF will provide improved member services moving forward. Future work will look at what technology needs to be in place to support the delivery of pensions services to our plan members.  

We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses. 

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