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Don’t be a victim of fraud

iStock-1134222510.jpgOnline fraud campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic have rapidly increased, resulting in people disclosing personal information and banking details. You can protect yourself by understanding what to look for when you receive communication from us and tools we offer that will increase secure communications.  

Email, phone and text communication

ATRF will not solicit personal information from you through email or text message. We consider personal information to mean your pension ID number, date of birth, MyPension log in details or social insurance number. Over the phone, if you're asking questions about your benefits, we will ask you to verify your identity by providing us with information such as your address or date of birth. Otherwise, sensitive information like this will be collected either through the physical mail or through MyPension. If you do receive email communication from us and it looks suspicious, take a moment to look it over carefully.

Does it appear to come from a third party? With very few exceptions, all emails should come from ATRF. If in doubt, please contact the office by calling 780-451-4166.

Twice a year (perhaps more if there's something urgent) we send you newsletters, like the one you're reading right now. This comes from a third-party vendor. We may also contact you for feedback or to conduct a survey. But if it's a personalized email that's asking you for something specific, please ensure it is in fact coming from us. If in doubt, give us a call at 780-451-4166 and we would be happy to verify any communication.

Using MyPension

The best and most secure way of communicating with us is to register and regularly check into MyPension. There is a secure messaging feature through this portal which will allow you to send sensitive information to us and vice versa.

If you are registered on MyPension you can update your contact information, apply for pensions, purchases or terminations, and also get personal information about your pension, including benefit calculations. 

ATRF takes the safety and confidentiality of our plan members' information very seriously. We assure you that we will continue to safeguard this information and prevent unauthorized access, usage or disclosure of your personal information.

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