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COVID-19 Member and Employer Information

Updated April 28, 2020

ATRF is taking extensive measures to ensure members continue to receive their pensions, and that all ATRF members continue to receive necessary services during the COVID-19 global pandemic - while also ensuring ATRF staff remain healthy and safe.

These are unprecedented circumstances, but we've been working with Alberta teachers for decades, we've always been here for them, and that's not going to change. ATRF is considered an essential service and is still processing and paying member benefits.

We're prepared and ready to help.

ATRF Office

​Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, the ATRF offices will be closed to the public. ATRF staff will be working remotely and will not be available for meetings or to serve members at our office until further notice.

CRA Office Closures

Due to the closure of some Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offices, approvals for past service pension adjustments are taking longer than anticipated. If you are purchasing service in conjunction with a pension application, ATRF will work with CRA to expedite any outstanding PSPA approvals. We appreciate your patience and you will not be penalized for any delays as a result of this situation.

(For Employers) ​Employer Termination Notices

Please continue to send all Employer Termination Notices to and not to individual contacts at ATRF. This will ensure that the information provided on the form is actioned promptly while our employees continue to work remotely.

​(For Retired Members) CRA is Pausing Requirements to Pay

Please note that in alignment with information from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), ATRF will not be withholding any amounts associated with CRA's Requirements to Pay (RTP) starting with May's pension payment. If there has been an RTP amount withheld from your pension, you will see an increase in your monthly pension until such time as CRA advises ATRF to reinstate those deductions. The most current information can be found here -

Phone Lines

ATRF staff will continue to be available during regular business hours by phone. Please keep in mind that staff are working remotely and we are receiving an unusually high number of calls so your patience is greatly appreciated. ​

Online Services​

Online services will continue to be available, meaning members can apply for pensions, purchases, and terminations through the MyPension portal. This will ensure we are able to begin working on your file right away, even if there are interruptions to mail service. It also means that for members who apply for pensions through MyPension they will have a seamless experience and the entire process can be done online.

We will also continue to issue statements and packages through MyPension.


Members can continue to fax and mail documents to ATRF as staff will be monitoring for both. 

ATRF will not be accepting in-person delivery of documents to our office until further notice. If members have documents that they believe they need to hand deliver they should call us to make alternate arrangements.

  • Certified true copies of proof of age
    • ATRF no longer requires certified true copies of proof of age documents or marriage certificates. We will accept a legible copy of the document.
  • Documents that require completion in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths
    • These documents cannot be completed by a substitute witness. ATRF will work with members who need to submit documents completed in the presence a Commissioner for Oaths on viable alternate solutions. Please direct members to contact ATRF if completion in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths is not possible.
In the event of a mail disruption we strongly encourage members to use fax rather than sending sensitive documents by email. If you do choose to send sensitive documents by email, please be aware that ATRF takes no responsibility for the security of the documents prior to acceptance by our servers. 

​​ATRF's Strategies for Managing and Protecting Pension Assets

Global markets have seen significant turbulence as a result of the pandemic, which might have some ATRF members concerned about their pension assets. We want to reassure you that your pension is safe.

First and foremost, your pension benefits are not a function of market returns over any short period of time. Of course, over the long term our portfolio must provide the funds to pay pensions, but what happens over the course of a few months will not impact your pension benefits... [Read the full article]

​Email Communication

It is even more important now than ever before that members ensure they provide ATRF with a current email address that they will continue to have access to in the event that we need to email important information to members.  


ATRF Teacher Seminars and Interviews

All upcoming field service seminars and interviews have been cancelled. We will continue to revisit this decision as the situation evolves and will make decisions regarding rescheduling events when it is safe for ATRF employees and plan members to do so.


Please be sure to check this page and your MyPension portal to ensure you are aware of all the current information that may apply to you. 

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