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Adding a Pension Partner: Marriage and Common-law Relationships

If you marry or have been in a common-law relationship for three or more years, please complete the Information Update form and the Designating a Beneficiary form to provide the following information:

  • name change, if applicable,
  • change of address, if applicable,
  • your pension partner's name and date of birth, and
  • any change in your beneficiary designation. (Remember to name someone other than your pension partner - see below for an explanation.)

Providing your pension partner’s information​​ will allow us to give you more detailed information on your Plan Member Statement.

Your pension partner is automatically your primary beneficiary, regardless of whom you have named on your Designating a Beneficiary Form. More in​​formation about priority of beneficiaries is available on the Death Before Retirement page.​

Pensions are considered family property and may be shared as the result of a Family Property Order if relationship breakdown occurs (for more details about an FPO refer to​ the Relationship B​reakdown page).

Note that prior to January 1, 2020, Family Property Orders were known as Matrimonial Property Orders and were only available to married couples who were separated or divorced. Common-law couples whose relationship broke down on or after January 1, 2020 are eligible to obtain a Family Property Order to divide a member’s benefit entitlement in the plans. 

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