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Changing Employment

All school jurisdictions and charter schools in Alberta are part of the Teachers’ Pension Plan. If you change employment as a teacher but continue to work for a school jurisdiction or charter school, you remain in the Plan.

There is a separate Private School Teachers’ Pension Plan for Private Schools who choose to join.

If you change employment to a non-teaching position, you may be able to transfer your pension benefit to another plan. (There are other options available to you for receiving your benefit from the Plan. Refer to Terminating Your Contract for more information.)

A reciprocal transfer agreement (RTA) allows a pension plan member to​ transfer pensionable service from one participating pension plan to another. Combining two pensions may provide you with a higher retirement income. You may also be eligible for an unreduced pension sooner in one plan than if the two pensions were left separate. Pension formulas differ between plans, so the other plan may not grant you the same amount of pensionable service. If this is the case, the other plan deems that there is a “shortfall” in the amount transferred. In that situation, you have two options: you may pay the shortfall so that all service may be granted, or have the service prorated based on the amount that has been transferred.

​ATRF has four reciprocal transfer agreements in place:

  • the Reciprocal Transfer Agreement with the Teachers’ Pension Plan Authorities in Canada,
  • the Reciprocal Transfer Agreement with the Alberta Public Sector Pension Plans (Management Employees Pension Plan, Public Service Pension Plan and Local Authorities Pension Plan),
  • the Reciprocal Transfer Agreement with the Government of Canada Public Service Pension Plan, and
  • the 1974 BC Reciprocal Transfer Agreement.

For more information and application forms, refer to Publication​s and Forms​.

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