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Becoming Disabled

​​For Disability from September ​1, 1992

Becoming Disab​​led

If you become disabled, you may continue to accrue pensionable service without having to make any contributions, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

If ATRF receives notification that you are in receipt of disability benefits, we will credit pensionable service without a formal application.  However, to ensure that your service is maintained while you are disabled, we encourage you to apply – in case ATRF was never notified.

Refer to the publication, Accruing Pensionable Service While Disabled, for more information.

Eligibility Requ​​irem​​ents​

You are eligible to accrue pensionable service at no cost if, immediately before the period of disability:

  • you were a contributing active ATRF member, on a leave of absenc​e from an ATRF employer, or on strike from an ATRF employer, and
  • you withdrew from service because of a mental or physical disability that prevented you from teaching (even though you may not be incapacitated from other gainful employment), and
  • you are receiving, or received, long-term or extended disability benefits through your ATRF employer’s disability income program during the period of disability.


Special Ca​​​ses

If you did not receive, or will not receive, long-term or extended disability benefits, you may still be able to accrue disability service on verification that:


  • you opted not to belong to a disability program in the early 1970s, or
  • you are receiving compensation from the Workers Compensation Board, or
  • there is/was a gap between your sick leave entitlement and your eligibility for long-term or extended disability benefits, or
  • your disability arose from a medical condition that was present before you became covered by the disability income program (pre-existing condition), or
  • your disability began while you were on an ATRF employer-approved leave and during the leave you chose not to continue premiums under a disability income program.


For Disability Before September 1, 1​992

Periods of disability before September 1, 1992 may be purchased as pensionable service. Refer to the publication,
Purchasing Se​rvice​, for more information.

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